The Culinary Playground (Derry)

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Since 2008, our little cooking school has been teaching kids and adults how to cook in our Derry, NH, kitchen studio and on location at area schools.
Our Mission is to get people cooking.
Our Philosophy is that cooking is a necessary life skill.
Our Goal is to teach you to cook in a fun, interesting way,
that will make you look like a pro!

Cooking Camp for Kids
Cooking classes are an excellent choice to add to the repertoire of activities your child will partake in during school vacations.  The benefits of kids learning to cook are too numerous to list ~ but here are a few we know to be true.  

  • Gaining confidence in the kitchen will serve your child throughout his/her life.  Many adults shy away from cooking because its outside their comfort zone.  They feel they don't have the skills to be successful and they fear disaster. Getting kids in the kitchen early on takes the mystery out of food and its preparation.  They are able to experiment in a safe, supportive environment and learn valuable lessons such as "there is no use crying over spilled milk"!
  • If they make it, they are more likely to try it.  Picky eaters beware!  We have deciphered the recipe to expand your palate.  No kid can resist the temptation to try a dish he has cultivated and nurtured.  Part two of this is if they make it, it will be healthier.  There is no denying that food made from scratch with real ingredients is more nutritious and less chemically laden than most anything they will consume out of a box or bag. 
  • Cooking and baking are practical applications of "school".  Whether using comprehension skills to read a recipe, math skills to alter quantities in a recipe or the scientific method to predict outcomes of their culinary endeavors - cooking gives kids a use for that knowledge they think is useless.  

                                            So join us for a camp and give your child a gift they will use throughout their life!

Also Available: Classes for kids, adults, and kids/adults together along with parties and private events!