Skill Samurai (Windham)

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We are committed to ensuring a fun and inspiring learning environment. Our curriculum is project-based to ensure that students of all abilities can succeed.

If your child has a particular interest or passion, we create a completely tailored learning path.

Did you know that coding classes also help boost students’ proficiency in mathematics, problem-solving, and critical thinking?

Skill Samurai offers 4 different Career Pathways with 1,200 hours of curriculum designed to prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond. Each career pathway is designed to move a child from foundational concepts to career certification over an 8-year period.

Elementary school is the ideal time to introduce kids to Computer Science. Learning to code helps kids foster critical thinking skills that will help them thrive throughout their later school years.
Our courses are designed to spark an interest in future STEM learning, and give kids a love for life-long learning.
Foundations: ● Block Based Coding● Scratch● Minecraft● Roblox

Our tech camps engage students in supplemental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, giving them the skills and motivation they need to succeed in live. Tech camps lets kids interact with technology in a fun, hands-on environment that feels just like playing with friends. We provide real academic advantage to kids, creating real, long-lasting improvements in their outlook, confidence, and academic success. Skill Samurai offers multiple camp programs around themes like robotics, programming, and game design and development - among many others. Tech Camps are offered as week-long day camps. 

Also offering birthday parties: Your child will be the coolest kid in school when they celebrate their special day with Skill Samurai.  Simply choose a theme and we'll make sure your child has a birthday to remember!