Mel Peirce - Certified Life & Parenting Coach

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As a parent, do you struggle with anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm?  I find that many parents do.  But think about how you parent from those feelings…  if you’re like many of my clients, not your best — because when you are in the heightened emotions of anxiety, frustration or overwhelm, you can’t help your anxious, frustrated, or overwhelmed kids.  It just doesn’t work, and you may even find that you make things worse.

But you also likely can’t get to a place of feeling okay either.  It’s too far of an emotional leap when you’re in the midst of a challenging situation.  I want you to know that there’s a space in between called neutral, and my Parent From Neutral Program helps you learn how to get there.

When you Parent From Neutral, you take the heightened emotions out of parenting so you can parent calmly and effectively when you need to most.  

We can’t control what’s already happened, but we can control how we respond, how we help our child navigate through the situation, and how we help them learn from it — and when you learn to parent from neutral you can show up to parent your best when your child is at their worst.

Mel Peirce

Certified Life & Parenting Coach

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