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Our dance program currently provides classes for children 2.5-12 and is continually growing. We emphasize proper technique and form in our dance classes, while making sure our students have fun and develop the same passion for dance that we have! We love to include families at ATB, which is why many of our children’s dance classes are paired on the schedule with our fitness classes, to allow parents to jump in a class. Not looking for fitness classes? Feel free to watch your child’s dance class from our waiting area. We want you to feel as at home in our studio as possible.

Who is our dance program for?

Above the Barre Dance & Fitness is proud to offer dance classes for children aged 2.5-Teens. We’re a young dance program, organically growing our offerings for older dancers each and every year!

Our classes are designed to foster your child’s development no matter their skill level and to encourage their creativity and individuality through a variety of dance classes and our experienced teachers.

Tiny Dancers

All caregivers are welcome! Tiny Dancers is designed to introduce dance and movement to children aged 1-3 years old. The dancers will develop their ability to follow instructions and concentrate along the way!


Our introductory toddler class provides dancers with the basics of ballet movement, rhythm and coordination. Every class utilizes games, stories, props, and instruments to instill a sense of learning and play.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance and provides dancers with technique, knowledge of dance terms, and a fundamental grace of movement. Our ballet classes include a combination of ballet barre work, center work, and across the floor work. We begin to introduce choreography based on age and skill level.


When it comes to developing rhythm and timing, tap is a primary and fundamental dance style. Tap dancers learn to move in unison with each other and follow the beats of the music. We recommend waiting until age 3.5 to begin tap classes as they require more balance and coordination.


Jazz is a stylized form of dance that includes rhythm, the ability to isolate body parts, and high energy choreography. Our jazz classes include center and across the floor work with a focus on technique.


As dance evolves, many routines feature acrobatic moves in addition to standard dance techniques. Our acro classes will teach students the basics of these movements through stretching, introductory tumbling, and props. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop has emerged from a mix of many different dance styles and is based more on rhythm and improv rather than technique. Each class will include choreography to fun, upbeat music. Our dress code for hip hop includes shorts, leggings or sweats and a t-shirt. Only clean, indoor sneakers can be worn.


Contemporary is a classical combination of ballet and jazz. Our contemporary class includes one monthly ballet technique session during class time. Dancers will apply their ballet and jazz abilities to learn how to tell a story through movement and emotion.