Easterseals - Family Centered Early Supports & Services (Salem)

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Parents and professionals working together to enhance each child’s growth and development.

Early Support & Services

Much of who we become is the result of our experiences within the first three years of life. Family-Centered Early Supports & Services (ESS) utilizes each child’s natural curiosity to create experiences that enhance growth and development in partnership with their families and their caregivers.

Easterseals NH has worked in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop. We provide services in natural environments, which include the home, relative's home, childcare center or home childcare, and other community settings.

Services for Children and Families

  • Developmental evaluations
  • Therapeutic & educational home visits
  • Developmental monitoring
  • Service coordination
  • Support & guidance in incorporating therapeutic activities into daily routines to promote your child's development
  • Information about community resources and services
  • Assistance in transitioning to other services after age 3, including, if eligible, special education preschool
  • Development of advocacy skills

Our Professional Team

Fully-licensed, credentialed and caring pediatric professionals provide expertise in these areas:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech/language pathology
  • Early childhood special education
  • Family workers

Who is Eligible?

Children from birth to three years are determined to be eligible for ESS according to federal and state criteria in one of the following categories:

  • Have an established condition
  • Have a developmental delay of 33% in at least one area of development
  • Atypical behavior
  • Are at-risk for delayed development

An ESS team will provide a Developmental Evaluation to determine your child's eligibility. Once a child is found eligible, the parents and the ESS team will develop an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) which includes family and child outcomes and strategies. Services will be initiated by the appropriate professional.