C. Wickson Studios

58 Range Rd Suite 15Windham , NH 03087
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C_Method™ is the most effective fitness program, using preventative movements for your optimal health. We feature yoga, pilates, barre and more! Our C_Method approach to fitness relies on modifications and the mind-body connection to map essential exercises to your unique musculature, all while improving your awareness of your body and boosting your confidence.

I created C_Wickson Studios in hope that I could make others feel "at home." Gyms and studios can be so intimidating and cold, so I designed my space with warm colors, rustic wood pieces, dim lighting, and a clean setting to welcome all. It has been a place to grow throughout all stages of life.

My approach is not one-size-fits-all, but it is for all people! I specialize in teaching moves that any body can do, because all my clients are different. I know their injuries, preferred modifications, and always remember their names. We’re all on the same team, and I want you to feel at home here! 

The C_Wickson Studios trainers are all here to help you build confidence, strength, and celebrate your success through big and small wins. Seeing someone grow and come into their own through my workouts has been, hands down, the most beautiful thing ever! I’m so glad you’re here.


Mon-Sat: 6am-7pm, pending class times

Sun: Closed for Cleaning